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Understanding the logistics of catering
Chaudhry's TKC catering team understands the importance of the logistics of catering. Here how a typical function is organized.  
10.00 am Vans arrive with crockery, cutlery, linen serving dishes and soft drink placed in chillers.
10.30 am Kitchen area is organised and areas have been allocated for each dish. Flowers and balloons for guests that arrive.
11.00 am Tables are set up with linen, crockery and cutlery.
11.30 am Spring Rolls being prepared, Chicken Tikkas being plated, ovens on.
11.45 am Temperature controlled van arrives with main course.
12.00 pm Biryani is dished out. Chicken Tikkas placed in ovens.
12.15 pm Soft drink set on tables.
12.30 pm Kitchen running like clockwork. Porters are all in place, chores have been delegated, waiting staff have been briefed.
1.00 pm Guests arrive, chaos begins! Who will sit next to who? Kids running and picking balloons!
1.30 pm Guests seated and settled down.
1.45 pm Nikah ceremony begins.
2.00 pm Congratulations in order. bid distributed amongst guests.
2.15 pm Chicken Tikka, Spring Rolls, are taken out of ovens, Sheekh Kebab taken out of steamers ready to go on tables. Waiting staff take out starters
2.45 pm Staff clear up starters, main course being dished out. Staff line up, and take responsibility of their tables. Adrenalin flows!
3.15 pm Staff line up, and take responsibility of their tables. Adrenalin flows!
3.30 pm Hot Nans placed on tables.
3.40 pm All tables placed with food and being replenished
4.20 pm Tables cleared.
4.25 pm Sweets going out. Firni in tohti going out.
4.45 pm Compliments received from guests. Paan being served
5.00 pm Event finishes. Sighs of relief! Thank You's in order
   Understanding the logistics of catering